2731 Jacklin Road

Location: Langford

A desire to push the principles of densification in existing urban neighbourhoods led to the development of this 10 unit townhouse project. While maintaining the form and massing of a 3 storey dwelling from the street, the project fits parking and a mix of unit types, from compact 1 bedroom suites to spacious 2 and 3 bedroom units, into a narrow and highly restricted lot in Langford.

A bold colour scheme and unconventional materials ensure that this project will not be lost amongst its 4-storey condominium neighbours. A surprising amount of outdoor space remains available for the residents of this project, including a play area for families with children and ample patio and deck space attached to each suite.

Corrugated sheet metal siding is combined with other innovative substrate materials to permit an inexpensive, durable and effective rainscreen system for the exterior envelope.