The Deville Phase III

Location: Langford

This project is the last phase of a 50 unit development in Langford, created to provide affordably priced market housing to first-time and low-income households, looking to get a start in home ownership. The project maximizes density on the restricted 50 foot wide site in order to keep the project affordable. The units themselves belie the dense arrangement on the site. Outdoor space available to the residents is also nicely abundant. Efficient planning of rooms and circulation and creative use of interstitial spaces makes for suites that are much more spacious than the outside appearance of the buildings would suggest.

These projects all sold out before they were constructed. The popularity of the two previous phases constructed with Bas Smith Architect Inc., led to the final phase of 8 suites being sold before rezoning was secured. These suites remain a model for similar projects and are visual proof that affordable market housing is not something that developers need to shy away from. The projects have the air of being cared for by their owners and the development has the feel of a community within the larger community of downtown Langford.