Peacock Billiards

and James Joyce Bistro

Location: Victoria

Peacock Billiards has been a downtown Victoria presence on Johnson Street since 1981. Amassing a large number of wall murals and original artwork over the years in two previous locations, the owner, David Peacock, made the move to a larger facility in the CIBC tower on Douglas street in 2007, taking much of the artwork with him and installing it in its new location.

The new facility boasts some 30 pool tables in differently themed sections of the pool hall. The tables represent an eclectic mix of styles and colours that are brought into coherence by the finishes used on walls and floors to differentiate 4 distinct zones in the hall. The murals and new artwork adorn the walls of the space providing a visually stunning backdrop to the main event.

The James Joyce Bistro, named after the author and main thematic reference, contains dining and bar seating, and features a constantly changing menu of exotic dishes and drink which are as eclectic as the surroundings.

Our involvement with the project included guiding it through the code compliance process and establishing a correctly functioning space into which the exotic interior finishes, artwork, and furnishings could be inserted.