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About Joe Newell, Architect.AIBC, B. Arch., B.E.S.

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Joe brings over 20 years of experience, both in Canada and in England, to each project he works on. He has lived and worked in Victoria since 1991, and has worked on projects ranging from single family homes and additions to multi-million dollar institutional projects including hospitals, schools and sports facilities. 2005 saw the establishment of the firm of Joe Newell Architect Inc., which carries on  the specialized work begun by Bas Smith Architect in the provision of special needs and affordable housing, while also expanding into areas such as health care, commercial and industrial facilities.

In each of his projects, regardless of type or size, Joe aims to produce the highest quality product possible while encouraging the pursuit of sustainable and socially responsible goals. He works with his clients through a process of interactive design, enabling the client to be an active participant in the design stage. Through the design and construction process, he endeavors to ensure the requirements of the client will be met through the delivery of a project that meets all their expectations and desires.